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For the past decade Kashmir Online has been a resource for millions of visitors across the country and around the world. They have trusted us to provide them with the most authoritative coverage of the news, views, Web-related features, travel, business, and almost every thing in Kashmir . The combination of truthful content and an affluent audience of educated readers creates a powerful vehicle for advertisers. When you advertise with us you can expect better results.

Rates per insertion / year

Front Page Banners Scheme (Home Page) : Rs 7,500 [ Request Quote ]
3 Banners Scheme (on all pages): Rs 15,000 [ Request Quote ]
Vertical half page banner (on all pages): Rs 5,500 [ Request Quote ]
Horizontal banner 728 x 90 (on all pages):Rs 5,500 [ Request Quote ]
Quarter page banner See Sample:Rs 2,500 [ Request Quote ]

Artwork to be supplied by advertiser on CD ROM or by email ONLY in any one of the following formats: gif, jpg, ps, pdf, eps, text converted to path/curve. Images should be non-compressed binary formats. A printed proof must be supplied in each instance. Multiple advertisements must be supplied on individual discs/files.

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