Dal Lake

In Srinagar’s Aquatic Plaza around the lake. The lake itself is connected to a number of other lakes of the valley. It is well known for its shikaras or houseboats. Most of the House Boats are around in Dal Lake. From the Lake one can see the Historic Shankara Charya Hill in the east and the west Hari Parbat.

During the winter season the lake sometimes freezes over. Water hyacinths and silt are the major problems affecting the lake. Most of the shore of the Lake is a boulevard, lined with Mughal-era gardens, parks, and high-end hotels.

Dal Lake is situated on the outskirts of Srinagar and is a vast expanse of water, five miles long and nearly half a mile broad (Previously 9 miles long). It is divided by causeways into several portions, each of which has a number of minor offshoots with floating gardens. The lake is surrounded on all sides by places of picturesque beauty and charm. As we start from the Dal Gate along the famous boulevard, the replica of Marine Drive, we see on our right a pyramidal hill, one thousand feet in height, at the top of which stands the ancient stone temple of splendid charm.

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