Pharri – the Smoked-Fish delicacy!

The process begins as fish are laid on layers of dry grass shaped in the form of a platform. Soon, hundreds of kilograms of fish are smoked by setting the dry grass on fire.
All the fish are collected in a basket and then smoked over grass. The grass used to smoke the fish is reaped and collected usually by the women of the locality.
The fish are roasted uniformly on the dry grass. Each grass layer is made of 10 bundles and at least 100 kgs of fish are perfectly placed before being cooked.
After leaving the fish to dry in the sun, they are ready to be sold in the market, making it a good source of income for fish sellers during the season.
On bringing the smoked fish home, they are cleaned properly and the outer smoked layer is scraped, usually by the women who are experts in cleaning for many years.
The delicacy is cooked along with tomatoes, radish, or most commonly with haakh (collard greens) mixed with lots of spices and later enjoyed with steamed hot rice.
Smoked fish along with dried vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, gourd, turnips etcetera is stored by Kashmiri families to survive the extreme winter season.
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