Zero Bridge Fine Dining

Combining art with cuisine: Rizvi's food that stimulates imagination

While managing this new venture, Rizvi’s first love still remains the art and for that he is working for an upcoming art...


Housed in a historic building, Located on the picturesque banks of river Jhelum, Goodfellas is a cosy hobby hub of artists, writers and poets, a place that is a blend of perfect food, art and...

Alif the Cafe

From French fries, grills, barbecues to Pizzas, the restaurant offers lip-smacking delicacies for food buffs.

The restaurant is a perfect joint for food lovers who can enjoy the special...


Wazwan, a multi-course meal ( 36 - course served on weddings and special occasions.) in the Kashmiri tradition, is treated with great respect. Its preparation is considered an art. Almost all the...

Kashmir Cuisine

The Kashmir is not just a paradise for the Tourists only but also for the lovers of good food. The state offers a variety of exotic recipes bearing a distinct seal of the state. Secret behind the...

Kashmir Kehwa

Kashmir Kehwa

Kashmir Kehwa (Kehva) Herb Tea:


4 teaspoons kashmiri green tea

4 pinches saffron

2 cardamoms, slightly crushed (elaichi)

8 blanched almonds, chopped (badam)